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Anonymous: can you explain your thoughts on nymphomaniac a bit? i loved nymphomaniac and blue is the warmest colour but my sister thinks i am weird for liking both of these, i cant pin point why either. they sort of explore a sort of sadness that i am familiar with i think. what aobut you?

I liked it because it explored a poorly understood addiction that has been stigmatized towards women by analyzing the psychological development of the main character joe since childhood. Because of her inherent shame of enjoying sex as a girl, brought upon by society, the humiliating way she lost her virginity, and being brought up by a cold female figure, she resents love and views it as a burden because it implies that no only will she be tied down monogamously and won’t be able to find one person who satisfies her appetites, she will have to share her whole self, not just physically but emotionally. This only serves to exacerbate a predisposition for depression and creates an incurable loneliness which causes her to spiral out of control and cause her sexual exploits to become more brash and dangerous. The ending is especially tragic as it seems that she is unable to develop bonds with others because of their tendency to take advantage I her nymphomania. Obviously a lot of it is artsy bs, but I expect that from Von trier. I still think the plot itself holds it’s own and was definitely compelling for the whole 4 hour endeavor

*kisses the tip of your dick* You’re beautiful

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(i am drinking 3 day old uv vodka out of a smart water bottle that has been sitting in my room open)

im writing my college dissertation on what drives people to buy and drink uv vodka, and the horrendous hangover that ensues only to solidify the degree of shitiness in ur decision making process

chapter 12 of my memoir: how 2 date a moody fickle musician without harming yourself or others (and other such woes)


dont let a girl tell you “its not a race” during stroking. because it is. race to get the nut? won it. who got their pants on first? me. numero uno skrrrrting out the driveway? me. while shes back there in bed texting her friends about my weak dick im already making the next maneuvers. premature ejaculation is a social construct you tortoise bitch

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I’m watching nymphomaniac for the 3rd time and I just realized that’s 12 hrs of Lars Von trier intellectually masturbating but ya once again I don’t regret it

I can always tell when a boy has a crush on me when he asks if I want to share a cigarette

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